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(answered) – 1) Based on your reading of Ronal Serpas’s chapter on The Future


(answered) – 1) Based on your reading of Ronal Serpas’s chapter on The FutureDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question1)?Based on your reading of Ronal?Serpas’s chapter on The Future of Lethal Violence Abatement in New Orleans, what things did he propose in his 65 Point Plan to Reform the NOPD to both reduce lethal violence and change the “broken” department, which has had many problems for decades. Which points do you think are the most important and why? He also introduced citizen satisfaction surveys under his command, something that many large urban police agencies have used with success for years. Do you think this was a good idea, and why??2) Prosecution and courts: What is the purpose of special problem solving courts? Select one?and indicate how it might be effective in preventing future crime? How so? (See Krumholz, Chp. 6, US Criminal Justice Policy,Criminal Justice Policy and ?Worral, Chp. 8,?Problem-Solving Courts) ?PLEASE ANSWER BOTH QUESTIONS.?* THIS BELOW IS HELPFUL INFORMATIONProsecutorsCrime Control in the Courtsand Beyond1Courts and Incapacitation? Courts issue verdicts that affect the liberty of convictedcriminals? But courts also make decisions that affect people?sliberty before trial- Pretrial Incapacitation? Pretrial Incapacitation: Once a person is arrested, thequestion as to whether the individual should betemporarily released (either by bail or his or her ownrecognizance) or jailed pending additional courtproceedings —— obviously depends on nature ofoffense2? 8th Amendment states that excessive bail shall not berequired? Supreme court decisions Bell v Wolfish (1979) ? statedthat the presumption of innocence is merely a doctrinethat allocates the burden of proof in criminal trials? Preventive Detention: Growing concern over crimescommitted by defendants out on pretrial promptedreforms in 19780s? Federal Bail Reform Act of 1984 ? authorized judges torevoke pretrial release for firearm possession, failure tocomply with curfew, or failure to comply with otherconditions of release. Also permitted detention for up to10 days of an individual who may flee or pose danger toany other person or the community (knows as pretrialdetention3? Does Preventive detention reduce crime?? Generally no? 1. Research shows that relatively few offenders arearrested while on bail; 2. When preventive detention isavailable, it is generally not used (Judges generallyalready able to accomplish preventive detention tacitly bysetting bail beyond a defendants? means.); 3. Preventivedetention is fraught with problems at its core it relies onpredictions of dangerousness? Setting Bail at a High Level? 18 U.S.C.A., Section 3142 provides that upon all arrestsin criminal cases, bail shall be admitted except when thepunishment may be death (Most states have adoptedsimilar language in their constitutions.)4? As a general rule, courts take into account the accused?sability to pay in setting bail ? not just the seriousness ofthe offense. But it is safe to say that judges often set bailat a deliberately high amount to ensure that the accused Inot release to the community prior to trial? Does setting bail at a high amount serve to controlcrime?? We really don?t know. The only way to know for sure thatsetting bail at a high amount serves a crime controlpurpose would be to eliminate the bail bond system.Professional bail bondsmen collect a fee from theaccused, usually a percentage of the bail, then post abond so the accused can be released. If the accusedshows up to trial, the bondsman collects his fee and getshis money back from the court. If not ——– bountyhunters5????????DiversionThe term refers to any number of informal or


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