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(answered) – 1) Attn: Ian Wewer Riverview Manor Homeowner’s Association C/o


(answered) – 1) Attn: Ian Wewer Riverview Manor Homeowner’s Association C/oDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionPlease find the attached documents with 2 exercises and the yellow highlighted are the questions need to answer1)Attn: Ian WewerRiverview Manor Homeowner?s AssociationC/o Brickbox Property Management4902 Louise DriveMechanicsburg, PA 17050November 2, 2011Hi Aaron,I apologize for the delay in my response to your email regarding the $200 noise violation fine. I have beendebating about how to handle the situation and finally got a chance to talk with one of the law professors at Widener,where I am attending graduate school. After talking with him, I have decided to write you (and the Association) aletter explaining why I do not accept the fines against me.I respectfully request that the Association hear my reasons for contesting these fines. First, I have lived inmany places over the years and have occasionally had to deal with chronically noisy neighbors. The usual method ofapproaching the situation is that the landlord (or in this case, the Association) give the offending party some sort ofnotice if they have violated the noise policy. Once a notice, or warning, has been issued, subsequent violations mayresult in fines. I would like to remind the Association that I have lived here for 2 years and never had a noisecomplaint prior to September 2011. I was never given a warning or a fine schedule for noise infractions. The fee of$100 for a first time noise violation seems excessive, especially because no one ever contacted me about thecomplaint (including the neighbor who made the complaint). I am a graduate student, working full time, and payingall of my bills on my own. Charging me $200 for noise violations and ordering payment within 10 days is notreasonable.I would like to give a description of the two incidents cited in the letter sent to me by the Association. Thefirst incident was the Friday of Labor Day weekend. I had 3 friends over to my apartment to drink wine and playApples to Apples (a card game). Because it was a holiday weekend, I was definitely not the only person in thebuilding with guests. I own a one bedroom unit, which means it is virtually impossible for me to host more than afew people. I have always been careful to keep my music and television at an acceptable volume. I have never had anoise complaint from any of the neighbors that I share walls with.I do smoke in my apartment, and I completely understand that this is a (bad) habit that has the potential tooffend others. I have taken measures to make sure I am not offending others in my hallway: I have a draft guard toprevent smoke from getting into the hallway, I use an air purifier, and I only smoke with the window open and a fanon to vent the apartment. On the night in question, I had my window open to let the air flow in. The weather wasnice that weekend and many other people had their windows open as well. At some point, someone yelled ?closeyour window, you?re too loud? at my guests. Because of the U-shape of the building, sound bounces off the wallsand is amplified. My guests mentioned that someone yelled at them but were unable to tell if it was someone on thestreet (as there were many people coming and going that evening) or if it was someone yelling out of a window. Wealso could not be sure if this comment was directed towards us or someone else. While I understand that someonemight be annoyed by the sound of voices coming from my window and echoing off of the building, I have dealt withthe same thing many times myself. Unfortunately, outside noise carries because of the design of the building. Therehave been many times when I have gotten out of bed to close my bedroom windows because the sounds of talking orof people using the keypad (especially before the nu


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