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(answered) – 1) Alaina is coordinating a fundraiser in her company with a goal


(answered) – 1) Alaina is coordinating a fundraiser in her company with a goalDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionPlease help with accounting math homework attachedThank you1) Alaina is coordinating a fundraiser in her company with a goal of $110,250. There are 160 peopleworking on the first shift, 65 people working on the second shift, and 20 people working on thethird shift. Answer parts 1 through 5 about the fundraiser.1. If each person were to make a one-time donation, how much would each person need todonate for the company to reach the goal? Each person would need to donate $_________?2.) Travon is a landscape architect who has received a $180,000 budget from the city to build a new park.From experience, Travon knows that the budget is 1/3 for the materials, ? for the labor, and theremainder for the anticipated profit margin. The space for the park is 400x 600 square feet. Thespecifications requires 60,000 ft(2) (to the two power) of flower/tree gradens. 15,000 ft (2) (to the twopower) of playground equipment. 30,000 ft (2) (to the two power) of walkways, and 112,500 ft(2) (to thetwo power) of open green space. Answer parts 1 thru 3 about the project.1) What is the expected dollar amount for materials, labor and profit, and what fraction of the cost doesprofit represent? Solve for the expected dollar amount for materials and labor.$_________ for materials$________ for laborA landlord wants to work only 10 more years and then retire. The landlord currently has $350,000 in thebank. The landlord plans to purchase a $210,000 apartment complex as an investment. The landlord alsoplans to invest the other $140,000 and aim to have $1 million between the two investments to retire on.Complete parts 1 thru 5 below.1) The apartment the landlord purchased has appreciated by 4.5% per year over the last 30 years.Assuming this will continue, what would the future value of the $210,000 apartment be in 10years? $__________