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(answered) – 1) According to the National Fire Protection Association, the


(answered) – 1) According to the National Fire Protection Association, theDescriptionSolution downloadThe Question?1)?According to the National Fire Protection Association, the risk of dying in an unintentional building fire between 1896 and 2006 has:basically remained the same over this period of time.fallen steadily to just two deaths for every 200,000 people.increased steadily to over 20 deaths for every 200,000 people.fallen and risen during this period without any specific pattern.2)According to N.I.S.T., the most frequent area of fire origin in residential properties is the ___________.bedroomgaragecooking area/kitchenfurnace room3) The predominant housing units observed in the research conducted in New Orleans were:duplex units.single family dwellings.high rise multifamily units.mobile homes. 4) According to the author, what country has purportedly the finest national research fire facility?CanadaUnited StatesGreat BritainGermany 5)In 2004, the Worcester Polytechnic Institute Center for Fire safety Studies prepared a list of six goals that the country should strive to achieve in the next quarter century. Which is not one of the goals?Public educationGrass roots meetingsTechnology for fire servicesResearch funding