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(answered) – 1) A manager is considered efficient and effective if the manager


(answered) – 1) A manager is considered efficient and effective if the managerDescriptionSolution downloadThe QuestionSee attachment for questions and answers. There is 19 questions. How long does it take to get the answers1) A manager is considered efficient and effective if the manager ________.A) Does not reach goals and does not waste resourcesB) Reaches goals and does not waste resourcesC) Does not reach goals and wastes resourcesD) Reaches goals and wastes resourcesE) Wastes resources on unattainable goals2) The theory which identify physical, scholarly, social, or charismatic attributes to differentiate leadersfrom non-leaders.A) Transformational TheoriesB) Behavioral TheoriesC) Train TheoriesD) Transactional Theories3) Becky?s department has seen a number of layoffs in the last two months, and employee morale is verylow. This is affecting the work atmosphere and productivity is declining. In this situation, the departmentmanager?s primary task will be to _____.A) OrganizeB) InfluenceC) ControlD) MonitorE) Plan4) Which of the following is a part of an organizations? input?A) SalariesB) SuppliersC) Money and CapitalD) Shareholders5) Which one of the following are considered traits for a good manager to be a great leader?A) Attitude, impotence, flexible, realisticB) Talent, flexible, realistic, blameless, maturityC) Candor, blameworthiness, capability, maturityD) Candor, maturity, impotence, attitude7) ______is the management function through which managers compare present performance to preestablished performance standards.A) OrganizingB) InfluencingC) ControllingD) MonitoringE) Planning8) The more resources unused during the production process, the more _______ the manager.A) InefficientB) EfficientC) IneffectiveD) EffectiveE) Efficient and ineffective9) _____ involves choosing tasks that must be performed to attain organizational goals, outlining howthe tasks must be performed, and indicating when they should be performed.A) OrganizingB) InfluencingC) ControllingD) MonitoringE) Planning10) ______ includes determining tasks and groupings of work. It should not be rigid, but adaptable andflexible to meet challenges as circumstances change.A) OrganizingB) InfluencingC) ControllingD) MonitoringE) Planning11) Targets to be achieved in one year or less are called _____.A) Time-bound actionsB) Departmentalized goalsC) Short-term goalsD) Long-term goalsE) Intermediate-term plans12) If a manager reaches goals but wastes resources doing so, the manager is considered _____.A) Efficient and effectiveB) Neither effective nor ineffectiveC) Ineffective and efficientD) Effective and inefficientE) Inefficient and ineffective13) Motivating employees to perform better so that they can achieve the organization?s goals is knownas _____.A) OrganizingB) InfluencingC) ControllingD) MonitoringE) Planning14) A single-use financial plan that covers a specific length of time is known as a(n) _______.A) OffshootB) MicrosystemC) SpinoffD) SubsystemE) Budget15) HomeTurf is a retailer of wooden furniture. The firm currently has three stores and has plans to setup two more within the next eight months. This is an example of a(n) _________.A) Intermediate-term objectiveB) Short-sighted objectiveC) Long-term objectiveD) Short-term objectiveE) Suboptimal objective16) Management principles are considered to be universal because ________.A) Production processes and strategies remain the same across organizationsB) Employees in all organizations have the same skill setsC) All organizations have the same organizational hierarchyD) Organizational goals and methods do not change


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