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ACCT/386 ACCT386 ACCT 386 Week 3 HomeworK Question 3


ACCT 386 Week 3 HomeworK Question 3 There may be chances that the figures given in our question and your question doesn’t matches. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Just write to us at studentwhiz@gmail.com and your answer is with you in no time. Question 3 Shirts Unlimited operates a chain of shirt stores that carry many styles of shirts that are all sold at the same price. To encourage sales personnel to be aggressive in their sales efforts, the company pays a substantial sales commission on each shirt sold. Sales personnel also receive a small basic salary. The following worksheet contains cost and revenue data for Store 36. These data are typical of the company’s many outlets: Per Shirt Selling price $ 52.00 Variable expenses: Invoice cost $ 24.00 Sales commission 9.40 Total variable expenses $ 33.40 Annual Fixed expenses: Rent $ 182,280 Advertising 96,140 Salaries 86,140 Total fixed expenses $ 364,560 The company has asked you, as a member of its planning group, to assist in some basic analysis of its stores and company policies.


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