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ACCT/382 ACCT382 ACCT 382 Week 3 Discussion


ACCT 382 Week 3 Discussion For this week’s discussion assignment look at the balance sheet of the company you chose in Week 1. Calculate the current ratio, quick ratio, and debt to equity ratio for your company. Post the information for at least two years. There may be info posted for more years in the financial summary of the company. How does your company perform with respect to these ratios? Current Ratio Quick Ratio Debt to Equity Ratio 2012 57,653/38,542 =1.496 40,059/38,542 =1.039 57,854/118,210 =.489 2013 73,286/43,658 =1.679 53,648/43,658 =1.229 83,451/123,549 =.675


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