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ACCT/382 ACCT382 ACCT 382 Week 2 Chapter 2 Homework Question 5


ACCT 382 Week 2 Chapter 2 Homework Question 5 There may be chances that the figures given in our question and your question doesn’t matches. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Just write to us at studentwhiz@gmail.com and your answer is with you in no time. Question 5 1. A three-year fire insurance policy was purchased on July 1, 2013, for $12,000. The company debited insurance expense for the entire amount. 2. Depreciation on equipment totaled $15,000 for the year. 3. Employee salaries of $18,000 for the month of December will be paid in early January 2014. 4. On November 1, 2013, the company borrowed $200,000 from a bank. The note requires principal and interest at 12% to be paid on April 30, 2014. 5. On December 1, 2013, the company received $3,000 in cash from another company that is renting office space in Falwell’s building. The payment, representing rent for December and January, was credited to unearned rent revenue. Prepare the necessary adjusting entries at December 31, 2013, for the Falwell Company for each of the above situations. Assume that no financial statements were prepared during the year and no adjusting entries were recorded. (If no entry is required for a particular transaction, select “No journal entry required” in the first account field.)


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