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ACC/306 ACC306 ACC 306 WEEK 7 QUIZ


ACC 306 WEEK 7 QUIZ Quiz • Question 1 The Income Statement: • Question 2 Non-posting accounts: • Question 3 Which of the following is considered a permanent account? • Question 4 What are assets? • Question 5 Income Statement accounts are also called: • Question 6 Double-entry account records are exchanged in a transaction (debits and credits). Which of the following is recorded when a company purchases (receives) a computer and pays (gives) cash? • Question 7 The Home page in QuickBooks consists of all the following sections except: • Question 8 In QuickBooks, how do you enter transaction information? • Question 9 Which type of QuickBooks data file allows you to enter data and transactions? • Question 10 To change a company name in QuickBooks, select the following from the Menu Bar:


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