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AC 113 UNIT 6 ASSIGNMENT 2 Unit 6 Assignment: This week you have TWO Assignments. You need to complete the PowerPoint Assignment below, as well as your Homework Assignment from the textbook. Assignment 2 Look at Exercise 5-1 in your textbook, complete the research indicated in the Exercise using www.wikipedia.org You will need to create a PowerPoint presentation that includes 10 slides. Include in the Presentation: • Title Slide • Introduction • Basic Background of Sarbanes Oxley Act • Timeline of Sarbanes Oxley Act • Section 404 • Description of Section 404 • Section 404 requirements of management’s internal control • Reference Slide Add presentation design, clip art, animation, and transition as applicable . Your presentation should contain a title slide, a properly formatted APA style references page, must contain speaker’s notes at the bottom of each slide, and addresses the bulleted items above. You want to use appropriate written spelling and grammar. Be sure to review the Writing Centers literature on APA writing style. Submit your PowerPoint presentation to the Unit 6 Assignment 2 Dropbox. E5-1 Sarbanes-Oxley internal control report Obj|1 Using Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org.), look up the entry for the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Look over the table of contents and find the section that describes Section 404. What does Section 404 require of management’s internal control report?


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