Socks are Hot We long for comfort and style in

Socks are Hot

We long for comfort and style in our dress. Sometimes the stylish fashions are not comfortable, but when it comes to socks, we can have both style and comfort now. Why settle for boring old dark dress socks when you can instead wear vibrant, colorful socks that express your personality and fashion sense?

Indeed, socks are booming right now. As people return to the office (and school), their clothing choices have changed. Comfort is more important the fancy dress. And not only have socks become fashionable, but many companies also embrace a social mission with purchases.

For example, companies including Bombas and London Sock Co. donate socks for every purchase made. Company MERGE4 partnered with the San Diego Zoo on a special edition that gives back to wildlife conservancy. And, Cicada uses its socks to raise awareness of environmental issues such as ocean waste and animal poaching.

Socks are a way to make a statement without being garish. While these socks are more expensive than the mass-market white athletic socks, they are a low-cost way to stand out.

What’s on your feet?

Here are some various socks websites to consider:

  1. Bombas:
  2. Cicada:
  3. London Sock Co:
  4. Boardroom Socks:
  5. Merge4Socks:
  6. Sockproblems: 

The last two chapters of your book introduced you to the many elements that a firm should consider when communicating with customers. Consider these companies – pick 2 your two favorite ones and answer the following questions:

  1. What is the messaging for each company?
  2. How are these companies using the various promotional tools effectively?
  3. What stood out to you about the communication strategy? 

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