Section A-Rhetorical Analysis- Please refer to the link, Basic Questions for

Section A–Rhetorical Analysis–

Please refer to the link, Basic Questions for Rhetorical Analysis. 

Apply the nine questions to the article, “The Five Years That Changed Dating.”

  • 25-word minimum per response. (9 replies total)
  • Each answer is worth 5 points

Section B: The Straw Man Fallacy reframes your opponent’s thesis to make it easier to attack and perhaps refute it. Here is the thesis: Generation Z does not know what traditional dating is like because most of them meet online, they do not know how to interact in person, and they copy everything from social media versus being themselves. 

  • Simplify or misconstrue the thesis statement
  • Refute the simplified or misconstrued thesis statement
  • Worth 10 points. 
  • I do not think the statement is true!

Section C: False dichotomy—Create a false dichotomy that is linked to online dating’s current role in society. 

  • Create the fallacy
  • Explain your reasoning. 
  • Worth 10 points.

Section D: Create a syllogism that focuses on the priorities of a successful parent. (Major premise/Minor premise/Conclusion

  • The syllogism has to be valid.
  • Please explain why you consider it to be valid. 
  • Worth 5 points

Section E: The article, “The Virtues and Downsides of Online Dating” is separated into six pages. List and summarize those sections. 

  • 150-word minimum 
  • Worth 10 points

Section F: Please refer to our textbook. An outline for the Rogerian argument can be found on pages 76 and 77. 

Please read this article: “The Virtues and Downsides of Online Dating.”

  • You are going to create an outline of a Rogerian argument based on the article you read. Refer to section three of the article. (“Americans’ opinions about the online dating environment”)
  • Pick an opinion from this section: Americans cite a number of reasons – ranging from expanding options to success stories – as reasons these platforms have been a good thing for dating and relationshipsThis will be considered side A
  • Pick an opinion from this section: Americans who believe online dating has had a mostly negative effect on dating and relationships are especially likely to stress issues related to dishonestyThis will be considered side B.
  • Create a Rogerian Outline responding to the article. 
  • The outline should include all six parts.
  • Explain your reasoning for each part of your outline.  
  • 250-word minimum
  • Worth 30 points

An Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

The Seven Steps of the Research Process


Understanding Bias Video


Using Logic// Purdue writing lab

What are Deduction & Induction? – Gentleman Thinker video


Traditional Vs Rogerian Argumentation Style video


The Five Years That Changed Dating (The Atlantic)  Story by Ashley Fetters 


The Virtues and Downsides of Online Dating

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