Return to your  debate topic in week three. Answer this question:


Return to your  debate topic in week three.

  • Answer this question: What are the personal and/or communal ethical factors that  may be involved in determining the moral position of either side in that  debate?
  • Next,  articulate and then evaluate the ethical positions using Kantian    ethics (that is, the categorical imperative) relative to the long-standing  debate (that is your topic chosen in the week three assignment).

Finally, create a complete annotated bibliography for 5 academic scholarly sources.      You will annotate each source. The sources should be relevant to your      topic chosen in the week three assignment.

Include the following:

  • Publication      details
  • Annotation      (a detailed reading of the source)

Each annotation section should include the following:

  • Summarize      key points and identify key terms (using quotation marks and citing a page      in parentheses).
  • Describe      the controversies or “problems” raised by the articles.
  • State  whether you agree or disagree and give reasons.
  • Locate  one or two quotations to be used in the final research project.
  • Evaluate  the ways in which this article is important and has helped you focus your      understanding.

Minimum of 5 scholarly source

     4-6 pages excluding title and references page

    1-inch margins

   Double spaced

   12-point Times New Roman font

   Title page

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