REply to: Scholarly sources are written by professionals in the

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 Scholarly sources are written by professionals in the field with the focus to continue to find advancements (Dunn & Halonen, 2020). They main audience is intended for other colleagues in the field to read. A peer reviewed source is one that is being evaluated and critiqued by another professional in the field. The feedback given in a peer review is with the intention to continue to find advancements in the area of being researched. The similarities among both a scholarly source and a peer review source are that both are written by professionals specialized in the field, and both have the intention to communicate findings of a study, The differences between the two consist of the scholarly source documented in detail with an inclusion of the complete break down of the study while the peer review reviews the important details and builds up on that content. Also, a scholarly source uses various sources while a peer review compares it with recent studies. 

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