recommended Course of Action- Corresponding to the Brainstorming and previous

   recommended Course of Action- 

Corresponding to the Brainstorming and previous sections you should now be able to recommend a course of action.

What is the best combination of alternatives (from the ones provided in step 5) given the available information and resources?  

Propose specific recommendations. They may be an addition to or a substitute for the firm’s current strategy and/or mode of organization. Be sure that you offer analysis and evidence to back up your conclusions.  



} A statement of the chosen final alternative (or recommendation) that is being put forward and supporting rationale.

Supporting tools/insights:

} You have supported your conclusion through the identification of alternatives (step 4), and an evaluation of those alternatives (step 5). 

Best Practices:

} Introduce/rationalize your key conclusion (recommendation) with at least 3 supporting strategic points: 

} Believing passionately in what you are recommending is key

◦ Back up your recommendation with sound facts/logic

◦ Use professional business language to “sell” your points

◦ Sometimes this part of your analysis might include a reemphasis of why you didn’t choose other alternatives too

} Risk(s) can be highlighted as part of your rationalization

} Tie back to the case as appropriate and link it strategically 

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