Read and write a summary comment of about 250 words

  • Read and write a summary comment of about 250 words total for each Peer Review that you were assigned. Follow these guidelines in doing so:
    • Point out one thing the writer did well.
    • Then go through the essa’y and provide annotation, revision comments, and edits for what they can do to improve. Be specific and provide enough details so they know exactly what you’re referring to and or suggesting. Think about these things while commenting and offer suggestions to improve:
      • Did they apply what they’ve learned from all of the chapters and readings you’ve done so far?
      • Did they meet the Prompt requirements?
      • Review the “Revision Guidelines” located on our course Home page for more ideas on how to provide feedback.
    • Then mention one more thing the writer did well.
    • Close with a question that came to mind while you read their report.

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