Rape is a heinous crime. Some have reported that they

Rape  is a heinous crime. Some have reported that they would rather be  murdered than raped because they do not want to live with the trauma and  shame of being raped. Needless to say, rape is a serious crime that  deserves harsh punishment. Brock Turner was a student athlete at  Stanford University. In March 2016, he was convicted of felony sexual  assault for violating an unconscious woman, which carried a potential  prison term of up to 14 years. Santa Clara County Superior Court judge  Aaron Persky handed down a sentence of 6 months in jail, 3 years of  probation, and mandatory participation in a sex offender rehabilitation  program and required Turner to register as a sex offender. Comparatively  speaking, this sentence was lenient, and many critics considered it a  slap on the wrist for such a serious offense. Even so, Turner appealed  his sentence and sought to have his conviction overturned in 2018. His  appeal was denied. This case resulted in the recall of Judge Persky by  voters in 2018.

Using a minimum of 350 words  and a maximum of 500, address the following:

  1. Put yourself in the victim’s shoes. Did this punishment fit the crime, or was it a miscarriage of justice?
  2. Do you think a sentence such as Turner’s provides enough of a deterrent threat to dissuade sexual assault?
  3. Are rapists or potential rapists responsive to such deterrence threats? Why or why not?

*Do not forget to use a minimum of two academic references and  include them in APA formatting! For a formatting refresher, check out Owl Perdue. Proper grammar, spelling, and syntax are expected!


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