prove in turnitin Substance abuse as a community health problem. Violence and nursing response. Read chapters 26 and 27 of the class textbook and review the attached PowerPoint presentations.  Once do Nursing Assignment Help

prove in turnitin

Substance abuse as a community health problem.

Violence and nursing response.

Read chapters 26 and 27 of the class textbook and review the attached PowerPoint presentations.  Once done answer the following questions.

  1. Discuss the historical trends and current conceptions of the cause and treatment of substance abuse.
  2. Identify and discuss the issues related to substance abuse in various populations encountered in community health nursing practice.
  3. Describe and discuss the concepts of interpersonal and community violence. 
  4. Describe and discuss the role of the nurse in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of violence.

As stated in the syllabus present your assignment in an APA format word document, Arial 12 font attached to the forum in the discussion tab of the blackboard titled “Week 6 discussion questions”  and the SafeAssign exercise in the assignment tab of the blackboard.   If you don’t post your assignment in any of the required forums you will not get the points.  A minimum of 2 evidence-based references besides the class textbook no older than 5 years must be used.  You must post two replies to any of your peers sustained with the proper references no older than 5 years as well and make sure the references are properly quoted in your assignment.  A minimum of 700 words is required.  Please make sure to follow the instructions as given and use either spell-check or Grammarly before you post your assignment.

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Substance abuse is a significant community health problem that has historical trends and various conceptions regarding its causes and treatment. This assignment aims to discuss several essential aspects related to substance abuse, including its historical trends, current conceptions of cause and treatment, issues in different populations, and the role of nurses in preventing violence. The assignment should be presented in APA format with a minimum of 700 words and include at least two evidence-based references.

Answer to Assignment Content:

1. Historical Trends and Current Conceptions of the Cause and Treatment of Substance Abuse:

Substance abuse has had a long history, with changing conceptions of its cause and treatment over time. In the past, substance abuse was often perceived as a moral failing or lack of willpower. However, with advancements in medical and psychological understanding, it is now recognized as a complex disorder influenced by multiple factors.

Currently, the prevailing conception of the cause of substance abuse involves a combination of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. Genetics play a significant role, with research indicating that individuals with a family history of substance abuse are more susceptible to developing the disorder. Environmental factors, such as exposure to substance use early in life or living in a community with a high prevalence of substance abuse, also contribute to its development. Furthermore, psychological factors like stress, trauma, or mental health disorders are closely associated with substance abuse.

Treatment approaches for substance abuse have evolved to a more comprehensive and holistic approach. Earlier, the focus was primarily on detoxification or abstinence without addressing underlying issues. However, the current approach emphasizes a combination of pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy, and counseling to address the physical, psychological, and social aspects of the individual. Treatment plans now aim to enhance coping skills, promote relapse prevention, and provide support for long-term recovery.

2. Issues Related to Substance Abuse in Various Populations Encountered in Community Health Nursing Practice:

Substance abuse affects various populations differently, and community health nurses must be aware of these specific issues. One population commonly encountered in community health nursing practice is adolescents. Adolescents are particularly vulnerable to substance abuse due to factors such as peer pressure, curiosity, and the desire for independence. Community health nurses should focus on early identification, prevention, and education programs targeting this population.

Another population affected by substance abuse is pregnant women. Substance abuse during pregnancy can have severe repercussions, leading to adverse health outcomes for both the mother and the developing fetus. Community health nurses play a crucial role in promoting prenatal care, providing education on the risks of substance abuse during pregnancy, and connecting women with appropriate resources for treatment and support.

Additionally, substance abuse is prevalent among the homeless population. Factors such as unemployment, mental health issues, and lack of stable housing contribute to substance abuse among the homeless. Community health nurses should collaborate with outreach programs, shelters, and social services to provide comprehensive care, including substance abuse treatment, mental health support, and assistance in accessing stable housing.

3. Concepts of Interpersonal and Community Violence:

Interpersonal violence refers to any form of violence between individuals, such as domestic violence, sexual assault, or child abuse. It involves intentional harm or the threat of harm inflicted upon another person. Community violence, on the other hand, encompasses violence occurring within a community or neighborhood, such as gang-related violence, community disputes, or riots.

4. Role of the Nurse in Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Prevention of Violence:

As key healthcare providers in the community, nurses have a crucial role in the prevention of violence across various settings.

In primary prevention, nurses play a vital role in promoting violence prevention through education and awareness campaigns. This can involve community workshops, school programs, and public health initiatives aimed at promoting non-violent conflict resolution, stress management, and healthy relationships.

In secondary prevention, nurses are involved in early detection and intervention. They can assess individuals for signs of violence, provide support, and refer them to appropriate resources such as counseling services or support groups.

In tertiary prevention, nurses focus on providing care and support to individuals affected by violence, such as survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. This may involve providing trauma-informed care, facilitating access to legal support, and connecting individuals with community resources for long-term healing and recovery.


Substance abuse is a complex community health problem that requires a comprehensive understanding of its historical trends, current conceptions of cause and treatment, issues in different populations, and the role of nurses in preventing violence. By addressing these areas, healthcare professionals, particularly community health nurses, can contribute to reducing the burden of substance abuse and promoting a safer and healthier community.

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