Proposal Presentation You made it through the board review and

Proposal Presentation 


You made it through the board review and are now ready to kick off your project! As a result of your large funding approval, your team is responsible for communicating the details of your project to the enterprise. Introducing a project to the enterprise as a whole is a common occurrence as companies seek to provide transparency and collaboration throughout their organizations. Prior unsuccessful presentations have failed to present technological solutions and concentrated on the business value, leading to drawn-out Q&A sessions and making the CIO extremely unhappy.

Your sponsor has requested that you create a PowerPoint slideshow with extensive speaker notes included. The sponsor will be the first to present the slide show during the companywide quarterly meeting. The sponsor will only have 15 minutes to talk and answer questions and has requested that no more than 10 slides be used in the final presentation.

Through this presentation, provide a clear message as to why the company is spending the funds and resources to complete your project. Inform the enterprise of the changes that will be made during project implementation and how different departments may be impacted. In addition, your enterprise is a highly technologically savvy group that enjoys seeing technical diagrams representing changes in topography and architecture that will occur in all proposed projects. The CIO expects to see at least one context diagram of what changes are being made to infrastructure at the enterprise level within the presentation.

Please Use the Rubric attachment to complete the work

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