Project: Select a subject of your choice (look at suggested


  • Select a subject of your choice (look at suggested subject below).  You may have to do some additional research  (keep the sources),   Data, and facts. You can use your textbook as a source or online research.
  • I will grade this project based on your research, content,  and originality minimum two pages single space.  There is no presentation submit it as part of your questionnaire
  • Future Operating System          Sarah Robins  
  • Future Memory storage           Chady Doumit        
  • Future of Data storage           Nirorn Hong       
  • Extended Architecture Set Architecture and format        
  • Parallel Processing             Mehari Hailu  
  • Type of Bus system            Vance Pohl
  • Data Compression techniques      Jihan Jaigirda   
  • A closer look at Instruction Set Architecture                                  
  • A RISC VS CISC machine            Victoria Dehoyos
  • CACHE memory and different level.          Arjun Ragu       
  • Explain MARIE and simulate a program            
  • Explain Instruction Set Architecture (Type, Format, Address, Instruction Pipe-lining).   
  • Real-World Example of ISAs (Instruction Set Architecture)   
  • RAID         Gabi Aragon     
  • How Optical Disk works?           Lisa Lee
  • Parallel and Multiprocessing Architecture        Joshua Pharr       
  • Comparing Hamming Code, Cyclic Redundancy Check , and Reed Solomon .  
  • Artificial Intelligence and it’s role in Human lives.    nodria kamolov
  • Hardwired Versus Micro-programmed Control     Fakhriddin Imiaminov    
  • Booth Algorithm      Dave Tran    
  • Responsibilities of Operating Systems .    Andrew Chichester
  • How Magnetic Disk works ?     Jesus Mendoza

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