Project for Management 635 (Data Mining for Managers) Three Sectional

Project for Management 635 (Data Mining for Managers)   Three Sectional Requirements: (Remember, you are a manager that utilizes data mining to make critical business decisions.  You are operating in the high-paced competitive information economy.  You are required to make sound judgments based on data analytics.  Your competitors are trying to put you out of business…Don’t let them!).  

1)  Input-data analysis.  You will receive an excel file with data that includes descriptions of sporting goods retail branches.  You are required to analyze the data and adjust it (e.g. formats, content) to focus your research.  In other words, you will be required to “trouble shoot” the data file and tell your data warehousing person what is wrong with it.    For example: are there errors; what variables are unnecessary, in order to perform a data mining analysis.  You are to return the adjusted file along with any other requirements that are stipulated on that file.   

2)  You will be given an Excel file with a number of variables to run a regression analysis. You will use the statistical output of the model to help make decisions on where and the tactics you need to pursue to generate the highest revenue for a restaurant.  You are to analyze your regression results and devise a simple business plan using whatever information is critical to your strategic initiative.  In this case you need to advise your company on the factors/variables that effect the revenue of your proposed restaurant.   You are also required to use the results of your model to estimate the expected revenue of planned restaurants to be opened.  Finally, you need to analyze the data file with a neural net methodology and compare the results to the regression analysis for expected revenue.        

 3) You are in the market to open a restaurant in a high consumption area, unfortunately the costs of operating a business there are high.  You are to use segmentation (partition in SAS) to analyze data of the restaurant market and answer a few financial questions about your venture.  You are to use the segmentation data file provided.

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