Please write a 7 pg final on a public policy


Please write a 7 pg final  on a public policy related to public safety or public safety management employing the usage of 5 sources. The textbook is source one. The other four sources should come from academic peer-reviewed articles that you have collected from the College Library Learning Commons Digital Academic Journal Collection. 

The documents should introduce the reader to the public policy issue. Then the policy issue should be deconstructed or broken down for analysis.

What are the core issues that the public policy addresses in society? When and why did the public policy come about?

Where is the future of the public policy heading? How has technology impacted the public policy issue? How will technology impact the future of the public policy issue?

Use your own creative artistic discretion. Yet, write in a clear consistent logical manner demonstrative of the highest levels of critical thinking and deconstructive analysis. 

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