Please provide a 100 word minimum response to the below


Please provide a 100 word minimum response to the below classmate discussion post:

 what I have learned about the noble cause corruption theory that I can apply in the workplace is that it is the “Not Worth Your Career”. All of us have sacrifice so much to be in the law enforcement profession to let it all go to waste for a good time, or small bribery. As previously mentioned in the text the noble cause corruption theory begins with a small bribery that will bring a small reward leading to bigger crimes with much more lucrative benefits. We as sworn police officers should always be mindful of the perspective towards the law enforcement image from the citizens at all times as we perform and patrol our communities. There is no better reward as a police officer than to be appreciated truly by the citizens of the community who have trusted you to protect them at all times. Once that trust and relationship is broken or damage it is very difficult to restore the trust between the community and the police department. The noble cause is plain and simple not worth all of the sacrifice and hard work from officers and their support system to be wasted by an improper, misconduct or inadequate behavior.  

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