pick just one theory you think is a “best guide”


pick just one theory you think is a “best guide” for moral behavior.

Then you are to create an Infographic promoting that theory, either on its own or by comparing it to other theories. 

Consider yourself as being in marketing and you are trying to convince others to choose your theory. Describe situations where this theory provides good guidance. 

Focus on the positives (i.e. consequentialist theories allow you flexibility while treating everyone equally, non-consequentialist theories provide solid rules to follow and proper justification, virtue theories focus on the person and not the action, etc.)

 Using one of the following programs, create an infographic that promotes your theory in a convincing way as an ideal guide for future moral decisions. https://piktochart.com/  https://www.visme.co/  https://prezi.com/ or MS PowerPoint. However, please note that an infographic is not a PowerPoint Presentation or any sort of multi-slide presentation. Instead, it is a one-pager that tells a story with visual and textual elements.

  • Have fun and try to be creative.
  • It is not bad to display some of the negatives, but the goal here is to promote your theory.

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