Pick chapters from each of the three modules (6 in

 Pick chapters from each of the three modules (6 in total) and discuss a takeaway or key topic that you will use in the future or that helped you in understanding how to apply the information in a work setting.  There are no right or wrong answers if you do an honest assessment and answer with depth in your assessments and suggestions 

This is related to your learning, and how the information is or will be helpful to you in your personal life or at work. 

Make sure to give a detailed example for each of your takeaways for each chapter you have chosen.


From Module: Organizational behaviour role of the individual:

a. Attitudes, Emotions and Their Effects in the Workplace

b. Motivating Self and Others

From Module: Teamwork, Power and Politics – Role in Groups:

a. Working in Teams

b. Power and Politics

 From Module: Leadership, Culture and Change in Organizations – Impact of the Organization: 

a. Leadership

b. Decision Making

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