(SOLVED) Immune Deficency Anemia

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Immune Deficency Anemia

  1. Provision of alternative diets for individuals who are picky eater.

  2. Educate individuals about holistic wellness

  3. Encourage the practice of a balanced diet and proper meal plan

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3)Proper balanced diet,helps in maintaining a balanced health with adequate nutrient supply,vitamin supply and other mineral suppy.

Along with the root cause of the disease,in holistic approach ,they also gives importance to the total well being of the body,instructing the individual about exercise that he or she require,othe counseling and mental wellness practises to bring out a good emotional well being as well.

2)Holistic approach is something that is related to the well being of the whole body,which constitute the physical,mental and emotional well being.

At the same time completely stopping the taste that they like will make them more physically and emotionally week,hence while arranging alternative diet,have to include a single dish with that they prefer as well along with other nutrient rich food.

If the person is interested in following diet with excessive cholestrol and fat,and doesnt have any nutrient reich supplements,then provision of alternative diet depends on the nourishment that the person require.

1)For a picky eater,provision of alternative diet can be only suggested depending on the diet or the taste of food that he or she prefer.

Diet plays an important role in controlling the immune deficiency anaemia.

Antibodies are produced against RBC by our own immune system,which is termed as Auto immune defuciency anaemia.

This is caused due to various etiological factors such as

Immune deficiency anaemia:

  • This will helps an individual to have a very good control over any immunogenic disorders
  • Helps the individual to resist metabolic disorders
  • Prepare an individual against blood pressure,cholestrol and other commonly ssen disorders