Overview The final draft of your outline, along with all


The final draft of your outline, along with all supporting work (prewriting notes), (which uploads it to TurnItIn and the course digital dropbox)  Please upload a single document containing all of your work.

There is no word count requirement for your outline.

Check your outline for unity, development, and coherence by asking yourself:

  • Are your thesis statement and all your topic sentence clear?
  • Do your supporting points actually support the thesis statement? Delete anything off topic
  • Do you have enough supporting points and examples? You should have at least three
  • Are your supporting points organized in a logical order?

Running the spell-checker is not a substitute for proofreading your work carefully.

*****Important Note must considered *****

 I just need an outline. I will be graded on the outline only. So come up with a catchy title, a catchy hook, a powerful thesis statement, and great topic sentences for all your body paragraph. That being said, just because it is an outline does not mean points only. Your hook, thesis, topic sentences, restatement, and club (final thought) should all be complete sentences.

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