Our society has defined who is deviant or what is


Our society has defined who is deviant or what is considered deviant behavior based on our societal rules and norms. Defining deviant behavior is not as easy as we think, as we all have a right to our opinions and pass judgments differently. Some deviant behaviors do not need definition as the action of it is downright wrong in all levels. The character I am choosing is a serial killer, rapist, child molester, necrophile, and pederast, and his name is Luis Garavito. This man committed all his crimes in Colombia and is presently in a maximum-security prison. 

In the final assignment, I will discuss the levels of deviant behavior committed by Garavito. What initiated the deviant behavior. And how he managed to hide his deviant actions in society for several years and how this affected the communities on a bigger scale, and how his deviant behaviors exposed the deviancy hidden in Colombia’s government.

I chose this subject matter because I’ve read on many serial killers and there is a variety to pick from, but I recently learned about Luis Garavito and I was in utter shock. This character has perfect characteristics of deviant behaviors, a victim himself of deviant behaviors, and societal deviance impact on him and how that evolved to his deviant behavior affecting the communities. 

I will be going into depth and answering some social challenges the character experienced as they began to manifest deviant behaviors and transition them into society. 

Secondly, how did Garavito view his behavior and if he understood his behavior was deviant and if he believed he could control it, and to what extent he could separate right from wrong. 

Lastly, I will provide details on society’s response to his actions. The outcomes that arose from them and the Governmental actions towards his sentencing for all the crimes committed. 

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