Our recent experience with the pandemic has emphasized the need

Our recent experience with the pandemic has emphasized the need for preparedness in the event of a national or regional emergency. Few organizations planned for most of their employees to have to work remotely, nor considered the implications for doing so. 

The pandemic has impacted business continuity, no matter what your discipline. Many companies have completely redesigned their business model lest they fail. Some had to hire and train rapidly. Let’s look at some challenges and opportunities that have arisen as a result of the pandemic:   

Part I: Post Work Plan Factors

In your initial post by Thursday 11:59 pm, consider the factors that would need to be included in a go-to work plan in your field and workplace.  

  1. 1. How should essential workers and/or the schedule for rotating essential workers be determined? 
  2. 2.What will flexible work schedules and remote time off look like? 
  3. 3.What does the timeframe for going remote look like? 
  4. 4.What is the communication plan for going remote, and then returning to work? 
  5. 5. How will your workplace maintain trust? 
  6. 6. How will your workplace measure performance? 
  7. 7. What resources will employees need? 

Your initial post should be at least 400 words. Tip: Keep the conversation going by ending with a plaguing question.  

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