OPTION 3: Action Research Project & Paper You will utilize

OPTION 3: Action Research Project & Paper

You will utilize action research to gather data on this particular issue. This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to gather real-world data, explore the ecological impact of the issue, and identify effective social change strategies.

You will need to gather data from two or more different sources on the impact of your social issue and develop an action research paper. Acceptable sources could include peer-reviewed journal articles, archival records, observations, and interviews with community organizations, or individuals impacted by the issue. 

1) The first step in completing this project is to meet with Graduate Assistant to discuss your proposal idea. This project may be completed in a group with justification of roles for each group member. If you propose an action research project, you should look to see what information is available to you and think about what is realistic to accomplish during the semester with the realities of social distancing.  I will be happy to talk with you about your ideas.  You need to meet with the GA before turning in your project proposal on September 15.  We are available to talk about the issues that you want to address and support your project. 

2) The second step is to prepare a 1-2 page proposal (10 points) after you have met with the graduate assistant.  The proposal should include the following information:a. Description of the issue and/or organization – what does it do and how does it accomplish its goals?b. What you expect to learn from the experience – how does the organization relate to the concepts and strategies for change discussed in the course?

3) The third step is to revise your proposal based on feedback (another 10 points). Use the same outline and questions listed in the second step to revise your proposal.

4) Begin conducting research according to the plan outlined and approved in your revised proposal. Do NOT start doing research without this approval.

5) Write a 6-8 page research paper (80 points)addressing your experience and what you learned.  The paper should:

Provide a description of your social issue (15 Points)o Who is typically affected by the problem? o How widespread is it (i.e. locally, nationally, globally)? • Apply an ecological analysis (15 Points)o Discuss two ecological concepts (see Chapter 1, Chapter 5) that identify the impact of the social issue. • Identify Barriers (15 Points)o Highlight two barriers for individuals/groups working to address this issue. • Explore potential strategies to address this social issue (20 Points)o How might this strategy address the root cause of the issue?o What community psychology value does this strategy uphold? (see Chapter 1) • Provide documentation of two or more different data sources (15 Points)o This could include notes from community observations, interviews, reviewing archival data, or examining peer reviewed articles. 

Papers need to be submitted on Blackboard using the Assignments Folder by 11:59 pm on the date it is due.  I will not accept hard copies of papers.  Alwayssave copies of your papers

Project Proposal due 

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