nstructions Warm-Up Activity 5.1: Review APA Code of Ethics This


Warm-Up Activity 5.1: Review APA Code of Ethics

This week, review Standard 3: Human Relations of the APA Code of Ethics. This resource is located under your weekly resources.

Warm-Up Activity 5.2: Review an Article

Review Behnke (2008), located under your weekly resources. In this vignette from the APA Monitor on Psychology, the author uses a unique way of plotting the dual relationship between a student intern at a counseling center and the increasingly transparent nature of a relationship her client is having with one of her friends. Carefully note how the author has suggested that this relationship be represented on a graph.


Boundary crossings are major issues in many settings in which psychologists practice. Your text provides a number of examples. For this task, you will need to develop your own scenario of a potential boundary crossing in any setting in which psychologists practice.

Provide a brief overview and explanation of why you think a professional boundary has been crossed and how the crossing could have been avoided. Be sure you provide sufficient background information so that the potential boundary crossing is clear.

Length: 1-2 pages

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