need 6 sentences. and a 3 sentence response to these

need 6 sentences. and a 3 sentence response to these below

 E-Commerce has been increasingly important, making new and existing businesses focus resources and strategies to profit from this relatively new tool. An important factor that impacts the success of e-commerce is a easy to use site. By making your business site easy for customers to use, easy to purchase in, and engaging them at the same time you are creating a powerful tool in which your conversion rate increases. Another important factor affecting the success of e-commerce is retaining exceptional customer service. Customer service through the internet is rising in popularity because of efficiency and low-costs for companies. By retaining great customer service, your brand reputation boosts and customers build trust in your company. I think that the most important factor however, is the maintenance of high quality products. By maintaining quality, your customer satisfaction increases, your customer relations better, your brand’s reputation scales higher, and overall its a positive snowball effect. Although these are just some of they key factors, there are many more that can affect the success of a company’s e-commerce. Many of which depend on the company resources, business strategy, and competitive advantages.  

 There are so many factors that impact the success of e-commerce but a few that came to mind were customer service, multichannel marketing, and customer retention. Customer service is extremely important especially in e-commerce because you want customers to be able to trust your business. Customers pass along this information, so having good customer service can help to grow your business. Multichannel marketing is also extremely important because there are so many different opportunities to market businesses online and sticking to one will not benefit the company at all. It is important to broaden your marketing so more potential customers can learn about your business. Lastly, customer retention, this is important because once your business has gained customers, you do not want to lose them. There are many ways to increase customer retention such as promotions, and reward systems, which will help to keep customers engaged in your business.  

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