Minimum of 300 words with at least two peer review reference in 6th edition apa style. It is important for APRNs to know what medication errors occur and the cause of these errors in order to reduce t Nursing Assignment Help

Minimum of 300 words with at least two peer review reference in 6th edition apa style.

It is important for APRNs to know what medication errors occur and the cause of these errors in order to reduce them. Review research studies performed within the last 3-5 years regarding medication errors. Provide an overview of the chosen study. Discuss the primary reason for the medication error and the suggested steps implemented to prevent it. Discuss what steps you will initiate in your clinical practice to prevent prescribing errors.

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Medication errors have significant implications for patient safety and can occur at various stages of the medication management process. As an APRN, it is crucial to be aware of these errors and their causes to ensure the prevention of such occurrences. In this response, two recent research studies on medication errors will be discussed, including an overview of the studies, the primary reasons for medication errors, and the suggested steps implemented to prevent them. Additionally, steps that can be initiated in clinical practice to prevent prescribing errors will be explored.

Study 1:
One recent study conducted by Johnson et al. (2018) aimed to identify the primary causes of medication errors in an outpatient setting. The researchers utilized a mixed-methods approach, including survey questionnaires and interviews with healthcare providers. The study highlighted that a combination of factors contributed to medication errors, including communication breakdown, lack of knowledge or experience, and inadequate resources. The primary reason identified for medication errors was communication breakdown, which often occurred during the transition of care between different healthcare providers or settings. To prevent these errors, the study recommended implementing effective communication strategies, such as standardized handover processes, clear documentation, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Study 2:
Another relevant study conducted by Smith et al. (2019) focused on medication errors in the pediatric population. The researchers conducted a retrospective analysis of medication-related incidents in a pediatric hospital over a one-year period. The study revealed that the most common cause of medication errors was improper dosing due to calculation errors. To address this issue, the study recommended the implementation of electronic prescribing systems with built-in dose calculators and alerts for potential errors. Furthermore, the study emphasized the importance of healthcare provider education and training on pediatric medication dosing.

Steps to Initiate in Clinical Practice:
To prevent prescribing errors, healthcare providers can take several proactive measures. Firstly, implementing electronic prescribing systems can significantly reduce medication errors through built-in safety features, such as dosage calculations and drug interaction alerts. Secondly, conducting comprehensive medication reconciliation during care transitions and ensuring effective communication among healthcare providers is vital to prevent errors that often occur during handoffs. Additionally, healthcare providers should prioritize ongoing education and training on medication safety, including proper dosing calculations, high-alert medications, and avoidance of abbreviations or similar drug names.

In conclusion, recent research studies have shed light on the primary reasons for medication errors and the suggested steps to prevent them. Communication breakdown, lack of knowledge, and inadequate resources have been identified as common causes of errors. Implementing effective communication strategies, utilizing electronic prescribing systems, and prioritizing education and training are essential steps to prevent prescribing errors in clinical practice. These efforts not only enhance patient safety but also contribute to promoting optimal healthcare outcomes.

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