Instructions Current Issues Journal You will combine all of your



Current Issues Journal 

You will combine all of your “three questions” from your Current Issues Article Summaries into one document. These questions will be combined together into a semester-long journal where students will be able to retain their questions, be expected to include their follow up You are responsible for (3) three Current Issues Discussion Board posts each worth (5) five points. In that post, students will be expected to post 1) Title of their article with https:// link; 2) Brief 2-3 (more if needed) sentences about the article, its significance and relation to a class concept; 3 ) Respond to at least (1) one of their classmates’ original posts with a substantive comment.

answers to their questions and chart all of these over the course of the semester.

There should be a total of (9) nine questions. Student should present only (3) three questions from those that you have posed to be answered in full for the final journal. Answers should be a minimum of 250 words (max. 500 words) and appear on the same page as the original questions. References and proper citation according to the Chicago Manual of Style should immediately follow the Student’s answer. Your Journal will be submitted in a Word document via the course website.

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