In this unit, you have gleaned much information related to

In this unit, you have gleaned much information related to student-driven learning, particularly inquiry-based and self-directed techniques. Read the following article, which was a required reading for this unit, that discusses how teachers can utilize self-directed learning to sharpen their educational saw. 

Ferriter, W. M., & Provenzano, N. (2013). Today’s lesson: Self-directed learning . . . for teachers. Phi Delta Kappan, 95(3), 16-21.  (ATTACHED) p=PROF&sw=w&u=waldorfcoll&v=2.1&it=r&id=GALE%7CA351948711&asid=a7a9371737f1bb57fea3f7a0d544a341/

Assume that you are Ms. Herstory. You will now begin a fictitious blog in which you reflect upon all that you have learned about inquiry-based and self-directed learning. Utilize the information gleaned from the Unit VI Lesson, assigned articles, and your personal knowledge about student-driven learning. 

In your blog, you must include the components listed below.

1) Explain the main concepts of inquiry-based and self-directed learning and how they apply to the typical classroom. 

2) What will you do, as Ms. Herstory, to change your daily actions to implement all that you have learned? 

3) What important insights do you want to learn, as Ms. Herstory, from your fellow colleagues?

Please consider the tips below as you design your blog.

1) You will not actually be posting what you have written onto a website. Write your blog content in a Word document and submit the document through SafeAssign. The content should just be written in blog fashion. 

2) Consider that blog posts are conversational in format but be sure to explain any technical terms for your reader. 

3) The organization should clearly present logically arranged points. 

4) Your writing should be clear and concise with no spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors. 

5) The blog content should be a minimum of two pages in length, not counting your references page. 

6) APA formatting guidelines should be used for reference entries and in-text citations.

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