Imagine this situation: You are in charge of a summer


Imagine this situation:  You are in charge of a summer theatre held on a university campus.  On that campus, you have one proscenium stage, one thrust stage, and one arena stage.  You also have a budget restriction that leads to having only one scenic designer, one costume designer, and one lighting designer on staff.  Because of a time restriction involving all three shows opening in the same week, you must decide which theatre space gets which designer; they can only work on one production/one stage each.  Decide which space gets the scenic designer, which space gets the costume designer, and which space gets the lighting designer. Refer to the PDF of Stage Space Arrangements provided in this module. Explain why you made these choices. For this DB, you only need to provide your own post; you do NOT need to choose a “favorite post” from your colleagues.

NOTE:  Think of this as a puzzle game. There is really only one “wrong” answer in these combinations, and even that could be justified if the correct justification were given. Everyone who responds to the DB and includes supporting details will receive full credit, even if he/she chooses the wrong answer!

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