If you’re applying for a job, your future employer might


If you’re applying for a job, your future employer might run a background check. These checks may include some combination of an investigation into the employee’s credit score, criminal background, and even social media activity. Most companies consider it a good investment to spend a few hundred dollars per candidate to avoid a problem hire. Consider what the EEOC says about Backgrounds checks and then participate in the following discussion. 

Part I: Your Perspective

In at least 400 words, detail your thoughts on background checks from your field’s perspective.  

  • To what extent does/can a background check mitigate harmful situations in workplaces? If you have a story that relates to this question, please share it.  
  • Publicly available social media accounts can be accessed without the consent of the employee. What should employees do to get their social media accounts ready for the job market? 
  • What are 5 data points that should be a part of a background investigation in your field?

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