I need help with a research paper. The topic is A gap in equity

I need help with a research paper. The topic is A gap in equity related to mental health access for veterans. I wrote the milestone 1 part but I am unable to complete Milestone 2 or the final paper part. It has to do with finding a healthcare initiative that addresses my topic and I just can’t seem to find one. I am attaching the rubric.

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Introduction: As a medical professor, it is important to understand the significance of mental health access for veterans and the gaps in equity that exist within the healthcare system. Your research paper topic highlights the need for a healthcare initiative that addresses this issue. In this regard, I can suggest the following:

Answer: You can explore initiatives such as “The Veterans Choice Program” or “Community Care Program” which were launched by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. These initiatives provide veterans with options to receive timely and appropriate mental health care services from local providers in their communities. This can help bridge the gap in equity related to mental health access for veterans who live in rural or remote areas, and those who have difficulty accessing VA healthcare facilities. Additionally, you can consider exploring the effectiveness of these programs in meeting the mental health care needs of veterans and the challenges that may exist in the implementation of these initiatives.

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