Evidence-based practice begins with identifying a clinical problem. All of us have seen things in Nursing Assignment Help

Evidence-based practice begins with identifying a clinical problem. All of us have seen things in our workplaces that we think should be done differently. Gathering evidence for this potential solution, though, requires creating a PICO question to narrow the search and help you find relevant articles that support your solution.

The assignments in this course will help you go through this process to arrive at a solution to a selected problem and to present this entire process in the Unit 7 assignment.

For this assignment, you will select a topic and PICO question from the list below. This will be the problem and solution you will research throughout the rest of the assignments.

  • For novice nurses, does a nurse mentorship program increase nurse retention compared with no mentorship?
  • For the pre-surgical patient, does the addition of music therapy to the current standard of care decrease anxiety compared with no intervention?
  • In the acute care setting, does the implementation of a nurse-led rounding program compared to no rounding program decrease patient falls?

Paper Directions:

  1. Write your  PICO question, identify key search terms for each element and frame it in table format as presented here and in the article attached below in the resources section.

PICO ElementsKeywordsP=I=C=O=

  1. Search the literature using the keywords and find 3 articles that address the problem which is the focus of your PICO question. For instance, in question #1, the problem is nurse-retention.

Find articles that address the PROBLEM ONLY, not the solution. You are finding evidence that this is a problem. Search techniques are discussed in Unit 2. Also, the Library tab has tutorials about the search engines. Finally, use the article in the resources below referenced previously as a guide.

  1. For this paper, identify the problem (NOT the solution!) and address the following:
  • Scope of the problem (Who has the problem and how widespread is the problem?)
  • Significance of the problem (costs, safety, outcomes?)
  • Significance of the problem to nursing: How is the problem significant to nursing? How does the problem negatively affect nursing practice?

Support your ideas with the articles you found. These articles should be less than five (5) years old. They should not be from the Web, but from the library databases. Use narrative format, except for your PICO table as shown above.

    • Include an APA cover page, a reference page, and in-text citations.
    • 3 professional references are required.
    • These articles must be from peer-reviewed professional journals.
    • Use an opening and closing paragraph. This paper should be 250-300 words.

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In this assignment, students are required to select a topic and create a PICO question. They will then identify key search terms for each element of the PICO question and present it in table format. Furthermore, students are expected to find three articles that address the problem, rather than the solution, and discuss the scope and significance of the problem, as well as its relevance to nursing practice. The articles should be less than five years old, from library databases, and peer-reviewed professional journals. This paper should be 250-300 words, include an APA cover page, reference page, and in-text citations.


1. PICO Question for Novice Nurses:
P: Novice nurses
I: Nurse mentorship program
C: No mentorship
O: Nurse retention

2. Key Search Terms for Each Element of the PICO Question:
Population: Novice nurses, newly-graduated nurses
Intervention: Nurse mentorship program, preceptorship, mentorship model
Comparison: No mentorship, standard orientation
Outcome: Nurse retention, nurse turnover, job satisfaction

3. Scope of the Problem:
The problem of nurse retention is prevalent among novice nurses. A significant number of newly-graduated nurses leave their positions within the first year of practice, impacting healthcare organizations and patient care. This problem extends beyond individual hospitals or healthcare facilities and is widespread across various healthcare settings.

4. Significance of the Problem:
The problem of nurse retention carries significant implications for costs, safety, and outcomes in healthcare. High turnover rates incur additional recruitment and training expenses for healthcare organizations. Moreover, the continuous loss of experienced nurses jeopardizes patient safety and quality of care. Adequate nurse retention is crucial for maintaining a competent nursing workforce and ensuring positive patient outcomes.

5. Significance of the Problem to Nursing Practice:
The problem of nurse retention is highly significant to nursing practice. Novice nurses who do not receive mentorship or guidance during their transition period may experience increased stress, decreased confidence, and feelings of isolation. Furthermore, the lack of mentorship negatively affects skills development and professional growth, hindering the overall competence of the nursing workforce. Addressing the problem of nurse retention through effective nurse mentorship programs is essential for enhancing nursing practice and fostering a supportive and sustainable nursing environment.

(Provide the details of the three articles found in the library databases and used to support the discussed points.)

Note: The content provided here is a generalized answer to the content mentioned in the given link. It does not represent an actual assignment answer.

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