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As a chief operating officer of a hospital, you have been tasked with opening a new ambulatory care center in your city.

Write a 2-3 page paper in which you:

  1. Specify  whether you would utilize the professional autonomy, social contract, or  free market perspective as the paradigm to design the structure of your  new center. Debate at least two (2) advantages and two (2)  disadvantages of your chosen perspective. Provide at least two (2)  examples of your perspective in action to support your response.
  2. Analyze the  key components of three (3) sources of law related to the effects that  each source could potentially have on your healthcare organization’s new  initiative.

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When designing the structure of a new ambulatory care center, it is essential to consider the appropriate paradigm that will guide the decision-making process. This paper will explore three perspectives – professional autonomy, social contract, and free market – that can be utilized to design the structure of the new center. Additionally, an analysis of three sources of law that could potentially impact the healthcare organization’s new initiative will be conducted.

Answer to Question 1:
In designing the structure of the new ambulatory care center, the social contract perspective would be most suitable. This perspective emphasizes the collective responsibility and mutual obligations between the healthcare organization and the society it serves. It recognizes that healthcare is a public good and should be accessible and equitable for all.

Advantages of the social contract perspective include a focus on patient-centered care and the promotion of social justice. By prioritizing patient needs, the structure of the center can be designed to ensure the provision of high-quality healthcare services. Additionally, the application of principles of social justice can lead to fair distribution of resources and the reduction of health disparities.

However, there are also disadvantages to the social contract perspective. One drawback is the potential for increased bureaucracy and inefficiency due to the involvement of multiple stakeholders in decision-making processes. Another disadvantage is the possibility of limited innovation and flexibility in responding to healthcare market demands.

Examples of the social contract perspective in action include the establishment of policies and regulations that guarantee equal access to healthcare services for all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic status. Another example is the implementation of community health programs aimed at improving population health outcomes.

Answer to Question 2:
Three key sources of law related to the effects on the healthcare organization’s new initiative are constitutional law, administrative law, and tort law.

Constitutional law may impact the new initiative through the interpretation of the Commerce Clause, which grants the federal government authority over interstate commerce. This could influence the organization’s ability to expand its services beyond state boundaries or have an impact on reimbursement policies.

Administrative law, specifically related to healthcare, such as regulations set by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), can impact the organization’s new initiative. Compliance with CMS regulations is essential to obtain reimbursement and provide quality care.

Tort law, particularly medical malpractice, can significantly affect the healthcare organization’s new initiative. Ensuring adherence to the standard of care and implementing proper risk management strategies can minimize potential legal challenges and financial liabilities.

In conclusion, understanding the paradigms that inform the structure of the new ambulatory care center, as well as analyzing key sources of law, is crucial for ensuring the success of the healthcare organization’s new initiative. By considering the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen perspective and navigating the legal landscape, the organization can establish a thriving and legally compliant ambulatory care center.

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