Here is how it works. There are 2 different versions

Here is how it works.  There are 2 different versions of this distributed to students. Read the copy that you are given to determine the name of the file that you should debug. 

Problem 1: Debug: You must look at your copy to find out which of the following .py files you are supposed to debug: Download Download 

TO BE CLEAR, you must debug only 1 of the above files and your copy will tell you which file you are supposed to debug. Submit the debugged .py file here when you have finished debugging it.

Problem 2: Code It Yourself. Please refer to your copy for the requirements for the file you are supposed to code from scratch by yourself.

Remember that this assigment is open book and you can refer to any script we have written and any online tutorial and your textbook to complete the assigment. You cannot ask other people to assist you in any way (email, chat, etc.) but you can ask your professor for help if you have a question. 

Do not try to attach your files to a comment after the assignment box no longer accepts submissions. I will not accept any file submitted after 11:35 AM because the assignment drop box is no longer there. 

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