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Read this article about how the current healthcare worker shortageLinks to an external site. ( and this one about excess U.S. health spendingLinks to an external site.(

Make the initial post by day 3; it should be a minimum of 100 words long.

  1. Talk about your thoughts and solutions to create “balance” in the health worker space. Note we don’t want to be wasteful, but we do want to make sure there are enough people in place so we achieve a high level of quality. 

In your opinion, what are there some health-focused jobs just no longer needed (why or why not)?

Follow up on at least two (but more can be replied to) of your classmates’ initial posts. Each reply should be at least 50 words. Provide feedback on why you agree or respectfully need more details about the students’ provided resolutions. Be sure not to just say “I agree.” Instead, add context and explain why one agrees. If you need more details, explain why/how you came to these inquiring questions.  

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The current healthcare worker shortage is a concerning issue that needs to be addressed in order to ensure a high level of quality in healthcare services. However, it is important to find a balance between addressing the shortage and avoiding wastefulness. In this answer, we will discuss potential solutions to create this balance and explore the necessity of certain health-focused jobs.

1. Thoughts and solutions to create “balance” in the health worker space:
To create a balance in the health worker space, several solutions can be considered. Firstly, improving the recruitment and retention strategies for healthcare professionals can help address the shortage. Offering competitive salaries, incentives, and a supportive work environment can attract and retain skilled individuals.

Another solution is to invest in training and education programs to increase the pool of qualified healthcare workers. This can include expanding medical schools, nursing programs, and allied health professions training. Scholarships and financial aids can be provided to encourage students to pursue careers in healthcare.

Furthermore, utilizing telehealth and technology can help optimize the healthcare workforce. By leveraging remote monitoring, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence, healthcare professionals can provide care more efficiently, thus reducing the burden on the workforce.

Collaboration between healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and policymakers is also essential to create a sustainable workforce. This can involve identifying and addressing barriers to entry in healthcare professions, promoting diversity and equal opportunities, and implementing policies that support workforce planning and development.

2. Health-focused jobs that are no longer needed:
With advancements in technology and changes in healthcare delivery models, there may be some health-focused jobs that are no longer needed. For example, as electronic medical records (EMRs) become more prevalent, the role of medical transcribers or scribes may become less necessary. Similarly, advancements in diagnostic imaging technology may reduce the need for certain radiology support roles.

However, it is important to evaluate each job carefully before concluding that it is no longer needed. The impact on patient care, the potential for job redesign or retraining, and the overall value that the job brings to the healthcare system should be considered. Eliminating a job without proper assessment can risk compromising patient safety and quality of care.

In conclusion, creating a balance in the health worker space requires strategic planning, investment, and collaboration. By implementing recruitment and retention strategies, expanding education programs, utilizing technology, and fostering collaboration, we can address the healthcare worker shortage while ensuring a high level of quality in healthcare services. Additionally, it is important to carefully evaluate the necessity of health-focused jobs before making any decisions that may impact patient care.

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