From the video, Creating the Marketing Plan, answer the following:

From the video, Creating the Marketing Plan, answer the following:

  • All of you will need to use external research to write your marketing plan. All academic writing is based on references, and there is a difference in the quality of references that you will find. You are required to use peer-reviewed, academic references to support your work.
  • In your own words, what is a peer-reviewed, academic reference and why is this necessary? How can you avoid plagiarism when you are using academic references?
  • Search the Strayer University Library or Internet for an article that supports your statement and post the link in your discussion, using SWS formatting, for everyone to read.
  • Read and respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

Here is your fun “voting” opportunity for this week.  

Sometime events in the world around you can impact your business.  You may have no control over this, but you need to respond.  Read the attached article and vote on how you would respond.  Would you change the hot dog packaging.  Would you change the bun packaging. Or, would you change nothing and hope for the best.

Heinz Launches Petition to Make Hot Dogs and Buns Equal in Number—Here’s Why They Aren’t.pdf 

By the way, this article is from Newsweek, a quality publication but not an academic, peer reviewed source.

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