For the Final Portfolio, the student will provide a letter

For the Final Portfolio, the student will provide a letter to me reflecting on the course and a letter to yourself reflecting on their experience (yes, you are writing a letter to yourself – imagine your week eleven self is writing back to your week one self). Letters should follow standard business letter format – if you’re uncertain what this entails, here’s a helpful guide from Purdue OWL.

Letters should be 100-250 words.

Here are the questions you should answer in your letters:

Letter to Instructor

What portions of the class were interesting/compelling to the student?

What portions of the class were less interesting/not compelling to the student?

What delivery or materials might have helped a student in this class?

Letter to Yourself/Reflection:

What aspects of scholarship, study, reading, writing, or responding did the student do well?

What aspects of scholarship, study, reading, writing, or responding could the student improve upon?

In addition to the letters, your portfolio will include the following items, revised based on my feedback and that of your peers:

1) One written assignment of your choice, revised as needed.

2) Your completed APA reference list, revised as needed. [Note: not the annotated list, but just the list of sources, properly formatted.]

3) Your video podcast, revised if needed.

Your portfolio is a largely reflective activity: it is designed to help you reflect on the work you’ve completed this semester, consider weaknesses and strengths, and determine where you’d like to improve. With that in mind, it will be assessed based on completion: there are five items (two letters, three revisions) listed above, each worth 30 points if complete and 0 points if not complete.

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