For the final assignment in the course, you will develop

For the final assignment in the course, you will develop a professional development training to support teachers in their approaches for delivery of literature and media sources in the schools’ programs.

For this task, reflect on what you have learned about children’s literature and what articulates the components of an early childhood literacy program. Develop an annotated bibliography of resources you can use to support your Week 8 professional development training.

Create 12 entries relevant to children’s literature and authors. Select one literature title and one website that supports children’s development in each of the following areas:

  • Language
  • Intellectual
  • Personality
  • Social and moral
  • Aesthetic
  • Creative

For each resource, include a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph that states how the resource supports children’s development. Be sure the annotations are in your own words.

* The expressive illustrations of Randolph Caldecott Medal Winners help bring the stories to life. At least one book in your annotated bibliography should be a Caldecott Winner. 

Annotation Length: 12 entries

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