For each of the lettered topics that follow, identify the

 For each of the lettered topics that follow, identify the best organizational pattern for a discussion of the subject. For example, a discussion of distance education and on-campus courses could be organized using the comparison-and-contrast pattern. Write a brief explanation of why the organizational pattern you chose for each topic would be the best one to use. 

  1. how to register for courses at your college or university
  2. how you propose to reduce the time required to register for classes or to change a schedule
  3. your car’s dashboard
  4. the current price of gasoline
  5. advances in manufacturing technology
  6. the reasons you chose your college or major
  7. a student organization on your campus
  8. two music-streaming services
  9. tablet computers
  10. college courses
  11. the room in which you are sitting
  12. a guitar
  13. cooperative education and internships for college students
  14. how to prepare for a job interview

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