Explain the between a barrier and an obstacle. (3 points) Choose one

  1. Explain the between a barrier and an obstacle. (3 points)
  2. Choose one of the scenarios below and describe two potential barriers to teaching and two potential obstacles to learning that are applicable to your chosen scenario. See Bastable textbook, Chapter 1 pg 21 for suggestions and examples. (5 points)
    1. A very experienced nurse caring for a patient who frequently visits the emergency department and does not take their anti-hypertensive medications.
    2. A nurse who is using a brand new electronic health record and caring for a patient newly diagnosed with diabetes who is threatening to leave against medical advice.
    3. A beginning nurse caring for multiple high acuity patients on a med-surgical floor with no charge nurse, nurse technician, or secretary for the floor.
  3. Based on your selected scenario, determine which learning theory would be most appropriate when developing an educational plan. Provide two possible solutions to each of the issues you identified as barriers and obstacles that serve to enhance client and staff education. (5 points).
  4. Use two scholarly references to cite your work – a nursing scholarly article and/or reputable internet site and/or textbook. (2 points)

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