Examples of text reader assessment accommodation include modifications in the


Examples of text reader assessment accommodation include modifications in the way an evaluation is conducted or the customer is requested. They are designed to enable equitable access to the examination for all candidates, including those with disabilities or learning difficulties. In text reader, the accommodation is aimed to decrease the impact of the functional limit of a learner while avoiding the following:

● Substantially changing the nature of the review

● Safety, validity or confidence at risk

● Give an unfair advantage to someone with a disability

● Put the educational institution unnecessary weight

Text reader accommodation is used to allow a disabled student to show more completely his or her knowledge and skills. Accommodation for evaluation, such as in the classroom:

In methods not requiring students to read standard printed information, such as presenting accommodations, students may get material. Alternatives include auditing, text reader and read-aloud accommodation, multi-sensory, tactile, and visual modes; (such as larger text or different fonts)

Response Accommodations- Students may utilize the aid, technologies, or customer organizers to perform tests in many ways, to solve or arrange problems. Appropriate information is provided in the following manner.

Setting Accommodations- the place and the circumstances in which a test or assignment is performed may be altered.

Scheduling and scheduling Accommodation- extra time or changes in time schedule.

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