ESSAY DETAILS Submission Type: Text Entry (500-word essay) Write a


Submission Type: Text Entry (500-word essay)

Write a subjective review of the performance using some of the following prompts.

  • Describe the movement. 
  • Did the movements remind you of any of the dances you have studied in this course?
  • What theatrical production elements did you notice enhanced the performance? (Costumes, set design, props, lighting)
  • What do you believe is the intention or purpose of this work?
  • What did you think of the performance? What elements did you enjoy?
  • What was striking, thought-provoking, or interesting about the performance?
  • What was your overall takeaway from this concert dance performance? 

Note: This 500-word essay should be written subjectively, offering your personal opinions about the performance. If you pull in any outside research to support your personal statements (not necessary but welcomed), please be sure to cite your sources at the end, or within the essay if quoting a direct source.


Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Revelations

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