due in 7 hours answer the following 4 questions. 5

due in 7 hours 

answer the following 4 questions.  5 sentences for each.  No cover page, no reference page needed

Question 1: 

 Gender Roles in Ballet

Discuss the relative position of the sexes in ballet before and after Marie Taglioni’s starring position at the Paris Opera Ballet. Be sure to include who the important male figures were in ballet and how things changed over the course of time.

Question 2

Hip Hop History

 How was hip hop introduced to the visual art community in New York & what affect did it have on hip hop dance at large? (1970s Bronx)

Question 3

 Technique vs. Expression

Describe your preference in relation to the talents of Marie Camargo and Marie Salle’. Please be sure to include WHAT the talents were for each of these dancers. If you were to go to a performance today which would you prefer? Lastly, how has dance developed since the time of Camargo and Salle’ and where do you see Ballet heading?

Question 4 

Hip Hop history

Give three examples of how hip hop dance and culture became exploited in American culture. Number them 1. 2. and 3. 

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